First Vet in the State to Use AI in Pet X-rays

Some veterinarians say artificial intelligence could be the future of pet health with a new technology that is changing how doctors look at pet X-rays. WISH-TV’s Angeli Kakade talks with Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Kerry Peterson about being the first vet clinic group in Indiana to use the SignalPET technology.

Getting a Virtual Second Opinion on Pet X-rays

Ever wanted a second opinion on X-rays for your dog or cat when visiting the vet, but you don’t want to drive all over town? WTHR-TV’s Carlos Diaz talked with Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Kerry Peterson on how you can get your four-legged friend a virtual second opinion without leaving the vet’s office.

Look out for the Fall Flea Surge

Summer’s coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean flea season is almost behind us. In fact, fleas surge in the fall due to increased precipitation and temperatures lingering around 70 degrees. Fleas thrive in this kind of warm, moist environment. Plus, pets’ winter coats start growing in the fall, providing cozy corners for the […]

Preparing Your Pet for Separation Anxiety

Pets across the world have been getting a lot of extra attention while their humans have been sheltering at home due to COVID-19. But now, as school goes back in session outside of cyberspace, furry family members will be missing their human companions and could experience separation anxiety. Dogs and cats need a lot of […]

Pet Wellness Clinics Partners with SignalPET to Offer Advanced Technology Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Pet Wellness Clinics, a local network of veterinary offices, announces its partnership with SignalPET, offering advanced veterinary technology powered by artificial intelligence and a patented process. Pet Wellness Clinics is the first veterinary group in Indiana providing this revolutionary technology to its patients and clients. SignalPET provides a “second set of eyes” for routine veterinary […]

Heat Safety for Your Furry Friends

Pets can’t sweat, so it’s important to keep them out of the heat of the day, especially when temperatures are dangerously hot in the middle of the summer. Pet Wellness Clinics Medical Director Dr. Kerry Peterson talked with Fox 59’s Sherman Burdette about some special products that can help your furry friends cool off.

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