What to Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park

Dog parks are a fantastic way to socialize your dog and give plenty of exercise, as well as providing you with the opportunity to meet some like-minded owners. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your dog can just visit your local park with no preparation. Since you are heading out into the public domain […]

Causes and Symptoms of Pet Dehydration

Water is essential to all forms of life. As humans, about 66% of our body is water. However, in animals this figure can rise to as much as 80%. Our bodies use water in all of its cells, organs, and tissues. We use it maintain our temperature and to perform our regular bodily functions, like […]

Signs and Symptoms of Mange in Dogs

Signs and Symptoms of Mange in Dogs Many people have heard of mange in dogs, but other than knowing it is unpleasant, are not exactly sure what the condition is. Mange is actually a skin problem that is caused by the presence of mites. While most dogs have mites that live naturally on their body, […]

How to Treat an Overheated Pet

Summer is in full swing, which means rising temperatures and longer days. While many of us enjoy the much warmer weather, it is important to remember that dogs don’t tolerate high temperatures as well as we do. This is largely due to only having sweat glands in their feet and around their nose, making it […]

How to recognize the signs of cancer in your pet

If there is one word that many of us fear above all others, it is ‘cancer’. Cancer is a leading cause of premature death in both humans and animals that is characterized by abnormal cell growth in the body. Unfortunately, our pets cannot tell us when something is wrong, making it hard for us to […]

What to Do When My Pet has Itchy Ears

Occasionally scratching and itching is normal in pets. You probably notice your beloved pet spending a fair bit of time scratching, licking, and biting at various areas of his body. However, if your pet seems to be paying more attention than usual to his ears, there could be something going on that requires veterinary intervention. […]

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