Treatment & Prevention of Bug Bites in Dogs and Cats

Bug bites are a common problem in the summer months, particularly as certain insects are more active when the temperatures are warmer. Unfortunately, your dog is just as likely to be affected by a bug bite as you are, and like us, our pets can have some pretty unpleasant reactions to some types of bite. […]

Senior Pet Care Tips from Vet

Tips for Maintaining the Health of Senior Pets

As your pets age, it is the responsibility of pet parents to make routine adjustments to their diet and exercise and general health that will match the changes in their body and their immune system. It is important to remember that like humans, as your pet ages, their bodies change, particularly their immune system, which […]

How to Make Your Yard Pet-friendly

If you have recently moved into a new property, ensuring that your yard is pet-friendly should be one of your most important priorities so that your animal can get outside and enjoy the fresh air as soon as possible. This is because, although your yard might belong to you in theory, it may well be […]

Pet Dental Tips for Cats

Oral health isn’t something that should be neglected in either humans or pets. Our animals are just as reliant on their teeth as we are, and your cat’s dental health can have a profound effect on its overall well-being. Dental disease is by far the most common dental problem facing cats today, and as many […]

Separation Anxiety for New Puppies

There is no indisputable confirmation on exactly why dogs suffer from separation anxiety. More shelter dogs or puppies fostered by families get this disorder.  Also,  losing an important person or group of caretakers can generate separation anxiety once he arrives at his forever home. However, other changes of smaller magnitude can lead to this disorder. Following are […]

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