Why dogs eat grass

Dogs are notorious for their lack of pickiness when it comes to their food. Many dogs will eat literally anything that they can find, including slippers, newspapers, and pretty much any item of food they feel inclined to snag. One of the most puzzling things that dogs tend to chow down on is grass. Yes, […]

Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Does Neutering Your Pet Improve Behavior? As veterinarians, we often meet clients who have a lot of questions on how to improve their pet’s behavior. For instance, male dog owners often complain about their dogs marking their territory and acting overly aggressive. Even female dog owners remark on their young female pup suffers from strange […]

Bad Breath in Pets

If you are an experienced pet owner, you are probably already aware that your pet may not have the freshest breath. In fact, some animals are quite well known for having an unpleasant odor emanating from their mouth. While often the smell is only temporary, and usually eliminated with a quick brush of your pet’s […]

Causes and Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs

Many people think that Lyme Disease is a condition that only affects humans. Unfortunately, this is not the case for our beloved canine best friends. Dogs are also vulnerable to this serious health condition if they are not otherwise protected. As conscientious and compassionate owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our dogs receive […]

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